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Tunnl | Audiences

By: Nate Romberg
July 25th, 2022

The most successful brands and campaigns know that before any marketing or outreach strategy can be executed, a set of crucial steps must be taken. 

Tunnl | Products | Audiences

By: David Seawright
July 18th, 2022

You need your advertising to reach the right people with the right message to make an impact and inspire action. That’s where audiences come in.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences | Cost

By: Brian Rose
July 8th, 2022

Modern consumers are paying attention to the values of the brands, organizations, and public figures they support. The big question on their minds is, Are we aligned? This sentiment drives an ever-increasing number of purpose-driven engagement: a whopping 70% of consumers now prefer to engage with brands they believe reflect their own principles.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences

By: Chester Bedell
July 7th, 2022

In today’s increasingly issue-aware society, public opinion is more important than ever to advertising success. Shifts in public perception can negatively impact brands, advocacy groups, nonprofits, and even entire industries.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences

By: David Seawright
July 5th, 2022

Advertising is evolving. No longer can a brand or campaign find success through generalized, one-size-fits-all marketing tactics. Instead, consumers respond overwhelmingly to messages that speak directly to their specific values and needs. If your message does not align with them, they quickly move on.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences

By: Heather Philpot
July 1st, 2022

One of the biggest challenges facing marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations today, especially those operating on smaller marketing budgets, is how to maximize their impact and reach audiences across demographics. Social issues and political advocacy are more pronounced than ever, so it’s vital for nonprofits to make the most of their outreach efforts now.