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Tunnl's blog is full of insights into how you can reach your ideal audience via your public affairs, issue advocacy, purpose-driven marketing, and cause marketing campaigns across any mix of media channels.

Adam McInturff

Adam is Tunnl's Director of Business Development. He joined the team in February of 2022.


By: Adam McInturff
August 18th, 2023

A recent study on consumer trust revealed a shocking misunderstanding. While 87% of executives think consumers have a high level of trust in their business, only about 30% of consumers agree. And when consumers lose trust in your company, they take their business elsewhere. Purpose-driven marketing gives brands a way to connect with consumers on a more personal level, connecting companies’ values to those of their supporters to create lasting bonds. But without the right audience data informing your outreach, purpose-driven marketing can have the opposite effect.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences | Opinion Makers

By: Adam McInturff
April 14th, 2023

You know that song you hear everywhere? It’s on the radio during your commute. Your friends are humming it when you’re out to dinner. It’s the new it-song on social media. It’s an inescapable earworm that’s suddenly stuck in your head and all you can think about. After a while, you know every word, and you’re singing along. That sensation is possible with your political and issue advocacy messages, too - if you can get the right people buzzing about it. Tunnl and Applecart, two leading audience intelligence platforms connecting you to the nation’s most influential audiences, have mastered the art of making your message top of mind for voters, consumers, and decision-makers. But which solution is the best option for your targeted legislative campaigns? Both tools have their perks, but they take very different approaches to audience identification and influence. Tunnl isn’t for everyone, nor is Applecart, and you deserve all the details to make an informed decision aligned with your unique campaign needs. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of both audience intelligence tools so you can pick the approach for you.

Tunnl | Products | Cost

By: Adam McInturff
March 10th, 2023

You’re up against the odds. The advertising space is crowded and fragmented. TV advertising is expensive, and viewers are distracted. Even the best message will get you nowhere if you put it in the wrong place, at the wrong time, or in front of the wrong people. But when you get it right, magic happens.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences

By: Adam McInturff
June 30th, 2022

Updated JULY 11, 2023 If you work in industries heavily impacted by public opinion and policy, you know how important it is to get your message in front of the right people in power who can actually do something about it. Unfortunately, reaching "the right people in power" isn't easy. We understand the importance of connecting with people of the highest influence in Washington, D.C., and beyond. Engaging with these power players not only means that your message is heard in America’s capital but also that it is acted upon. That’s why we built our premium U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience, to help advertisers get their campaigns in front of the people who most directly influence change in U.S. policy and public perception. So, what is Tunnl's U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience and how can you use it to your benefit?


By: Adam McInturff
December 20th, 2021

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, made an announcement on November 9th, 2021 that caused derailed the workflow of many of the platform’s advertisers.

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By: Adam McInturff
October 18th, 2021

If you’re like me, not knowing something is the worst thing in the world - and for brands, it could lead to potential consequences.