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Tunnl's blog is full of insights into how you can reach your ideal audience via your public affairs, issue advocacy, purpose-driven marketing, and cause marketing campaigns across any mix of media channels.

Brian Rose

Brian joined Tunnl in October of 2019 and currently serves as a VP of Account Management.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences | Platform

By: Brian Rose
September 20th, 2023

You need precise audience targeting, and you need it now. Decades of microtargeting experience and building custom audiences for clients have shown us what advertisers in public affairs, issue advocacy, and purpose-driven marketing need: granular, precise targeting that’s as dynamic as their campaigns and powerful enough to make a substantial impact with their target groups. And they want it on their own terms because every second and every mistake counts and costs in advertising. To put the power of building hyper-targeted audiences informed by Tunnl’s peerless data library into the hands of advertisers and agencies like you, Tunnl created the Audience Builder, an always-on, self-service tool in the Plus and Premium tiers of Tunnl's AI-powered audience intelligence platform that empowers users to build hyper-targeted audiences based on your own selection of issues, demographics, geographies, and interests, any time, any day, and fast.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences

By: Brian Rose
July 7th, 2023

You've amassed advocates, grown your list, and gathered data. It's taken time and effort and it's been worth it. The first-party data you've collected is now the foundation for all your ads and outreach campaigns. Yet you're realizing that it may not be enough, that something may be missing. You're under immense pressure to make the most of what you have, turning only first-party data into new business, broader reach, and higher ROI. But the data at your disposal lacks the detail or scope to achieve those goals and you're at a loss for what to do. You need to improve your first-party data to maximize its value. Data enrichment or data enhancement could be the missing piece in your data-driven advertising puzzle. Both methods have helped hundreds of Tunnl's clients generate more impressions, improve campaign efficiency, and place more effective media buys using their first-party data as a launch pad to expanded targeting and higher ROI. Which first-party data improvement method will get you closer to your goals?

Tunnl | Paid Media Measurement | Earned Media Measurement

By: Brian Rose
July 2nd, 2023

E-coli outbreaks, oil spills, data breaches, drug prices… behind every headline-making hot topic is a business bearing the brunt of public criticism from citizens, news anchors, and regulators. Some industries cannot escape the sword of Damocles, the ever-present sense of impending doom that accompanies big innovations and tiny, well-meaning marketing decisions alike. But the public is listening; every ad or news clip they hear about you and your industry could be a nail in your corporate coffin or a golden ticket to your organization’s goals.

Insider | Tunnl

By: Brian Rose
June 9th, 2023

You have a job to do - legislation to influence, a company reputation to defend, and revenue to grow. But somewhere else in your organization, there’s a marketing department with goals of its own that seem to inch deeper into your territory with each passing day. The distinctive roles of marketing and public affairs are fading. They are beginning to blur together.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences

By: Brian Rose
May 19th, 2023

Your ads aren't failing. Your audience targeting is. Not enough leads or unqualified leads are hamstringing your metrics. Thousands of wasted impressions from irrelevant viewers drive up your CPM with no ROI to justify spending. And you're being left in the dust by competitors who are reaching your audiences better than you know how. Audience intelligence is Tunnl's entire business. And we can tell you, from decades of microtargeting experience, that knowing your niche - who is in your audience and how to reach them - sets industry leaders apart from everyone else competing in the same ad space. We've created a suite of audience solutions, including premium and free prebuilt audiences, to get advertisers' messages in front of the right people. The ultimate Tunnl audience solutions are custom audience subscriptions. They are built exclusively, uniquely according to your campaign needs. No matter your niche, we can build the industry's best issue-based audiences for your campaigns - audiences that get your message heard over your competitors and improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) through maximum reach efficiency. But how much will a set of custom audiences cut into your ad budget? Can you afford to take the plunge? Let's break down the starting costs of a custom audience subscription from Tunnl and all the variables that can affect your out-the-door price so you can decide if it's worth the investment.

Tunnl | Products | Audiences

By: Brian Rose
March 3rd, 2023

Advertisers have the power to influence the direction of our nation. The messages you create and who you deliver them to plant the seeds of change in households throughout the country. You inspire voters. You lead conversations, change minds, and drive decisions. But only if you reach the right people. Changemakers from the public affairs, advertising, and political spaces founded Tunnl. We know what it takes to enact meaningful change through strategic communication - and who you have to talk to to make it happen. We’re laying out the audiences with the most power to effect change, from lawmakers to local advocates, so you can decide which group will propel your cause in the right direction.