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You need to reach a group of people based on how they feel about a hot-button issue. Tunnl's issue-based audiences and intelligence platform go beyond assumptions made with demographics alone to help advertisers and agencies reach the people who want to engage with their campaigns.

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Why it matters

Use Data-Driven Audience Insights to Avoid Advertising Pitfalls

By identifying, creating, and connecting with the audiences that matter the most, you can avoid:

  • Making budget and targeting decisions based on assumptions
  • Not knowing what your competition is doing
  • Wasting money on the wrong audiences
  • Getting your story in front of the wrong people
  • Letting your competitors control your narrative

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How to Work with Tunnl

Powering Issue, Cause, Public Affairs, and Purpose-Driven Campaigns

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The Benefits of Audience-Informed Buying

Tunnl doesn't buy or place media. Instead, we empower advertisers and agencies with the audience insights and intelligence tools that they need to get the most from their agencies or deliver the most to their clients.

  • Clearly understand your target audience—what they care about, who they are, and how they consume media
  • Deliver more messages to the right people with the same budget
  • Persuade and mobilize your audiences better than anyone else
  • Know you're connecting with the right audiences across screens
  • Know all agency partners are working toward the same goal

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