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Tunnl's blog is full of insights into how you can reach your ideal audience via your public affairs, issue advocacy, purpose-driven marketing, and cause marketing campaigns across any mix of media channels.

Brent Seaborn

Brent is the Co-founder and Chief Data Science Officer at Tunnl.

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By: Brent Seaborn
November 1st, 2023

It’s now vital to put the social currency of the most influential people in your target community to work for you. In a highly fragmented media and communication landscape, peers and peer leaders communicate in a uniquely authentic and therefore effective way. No matter if we call these people opinion leaders, elites, influentials, or influencers, they play a critical role in our public dialogue.


By: Brent Seaborn
August 25th, 2023

Marketing departments and C-suites alike have been buzzing about artificial intelligence for months. What it means for content teams, when and how to invest in it appropriately, and if regulation is on the way have been among the top questions circulating through LinkedIn, closed-door meetings, and as break-room banter. But the real question is, what’s in it for you as a data-driven advertiser? AI is being lauded as the secret to success for lean teams with tight budgets and few resources, and AI-powered tools have been favorites for advertisers everywhere for many years already. Several of the tactics you employ in your campaigns lean on AI and machine learning to get you the results you depend on, but there’s certainly more potential for you to tap into if you want to maximize the value of AI innovations in your campaigns.


By: Brent Seaborn
April 28th, 2023

Audience data providers are a dime a dozen. Ad platforms offer you audience data, managed service providers offer to place media buys for you based on their own audience data, and third-party audience data sources promise improved reach efficiency with their insights. You have options.

Insider | Tunnl

By: Brent Seaborn
April 25th, 2023

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) awareness is surging. Legislators and consumers alike are weighing the impact of their investments, purchases, partnerships, and patronage with organizations based on how environmentally and socially conscious those organizations are. But how is that heightened interest advancing or impeding our national trajectory?

Tunnl | Audiences

By: Brent Seaborn
March 10th, 2023

Updated August 2023 If you've ever bought sushi from a gas station, you know that compromising on quality can be dangerous. Audience data follows the same rules: not all data is equal, and quality counts. Compromise on audience data quality, and you put your entire operation at risk for security concerns. But unless you have a large team and an even bigger budget, it’s unlikely the minutiae of secure data management and ongoing data quality assurance are at the top of your priority list. But when it comes to your audience intelligence platform, they need to be.

Tunnl | Products | Cost

By: Brent Seaborn
February 24th, 2023

You have a burning question. One thing you need to know to target your ideal audience. But how do you find the answer? Simple: Ask.