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Announcing Tunnl's New Audience Intelligence Platform

March 7th, 2023 | 3 min. read

Sara Fagen

Sara Fagen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tunnl.

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Pioneers from the data, public affairs, and political campaign spaces founded Tunnl in 2021 with the mission of helping advertisers and agencies achieve maximum impact with their issue, cause, public affairs, or purpose-driven campaigns amongst rising industry challenges.

With hundreds of prebuilt audiences and insights, custom audience options, and a growing suite of audience building, analysis, planning, and measurement tools, creating a singular point of access for our users became a top priority. Today, we announce the launch of our new audience intelligence platform. 

“Advertisers and their agencies are facing a multitude of challenges right now that sometimes have little to do with their core offerings, like pressure to engage on societal issues and navigating an increasingly fragmented media ecosystem. If they don’t dedicate resources right now to figuring these things out, they will fall behind,” says Sara Fagen, CEO and co-founder. New call-to-action 

Our new audience intelligence platform helps advertisers and agencies solve for these challenges by equipping them with the detailed and up-to-date audience insights they need to reach their audience across any mix of media.

Our audiences go beyond demographics to help advertisers reach people based on how they feel about hot-button issues–issues like ESG, environmentalism, and big tech regulation–allowing those who use them to build meaningful reach with the particular people who care about their message.

“Audiences have never been more aware of the role that advertising plays in their lives. They know when an ad is inauthentically communicating on an issue, and it doesn’t sit well with them. We deliver insights based on data that’s kept fresh, compliant, and true so that those who use them can be confident that their campaigns are reaching the right people, even as public sentiment changes,” says Brent Seaborn, Chief Data Science Officer and Co-Founder.  

A subscription-based model makes the continuous, ongoing achievement of reach efficiency and privacy compliance effortless. Choose from three tiers–Tunnl Free, Tunnl Plus, and Tunnl Premium–based on the level of insight complexity your media strategies demand. Get started instantly, for free, with prebuilt audiences; demographic and digital media mix insights; and a custom audience builder in Tunnl Free. Step deeper into TV with Tunnl Plus’ enhanced streaming TV and linear TV insights, audience builder, and analysis tools. Maximize linear TV reach efficiency with Tunnl Premium’s linear TV planning, analysis, measurement, and optimization tools. 

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With a click of a button, activate Tunnl data from the audience intelligence platform in ad platforms to buy against directly across a mix of channels. When Tunnl data informs a buy, advertisers get more from their agencies, and agencies deliver more to their clients. 

“All parties win when with insights from Tunnl audiences. Advertisers reach their audience, agencies make good on their promises, and audiences are connected with information that matters to them. Now, our new platform brings everything–and everyone–together,” says Sara. 

Even first-party data. We know that many organizations have already identified key audiences while still being in the market for additional or more actionable insights. Tunnl’s audience intelligence platform allows for the onboarding of first-party data to drive deeper, more powerful insights via data integration.

“Our new audience intelligence platform is the product of decades of pioneering efforts across the data, microtargeting, and audience building spaces,” says Sara. “Our work here is just beginning.”


Audience Builder functionality and access has changed since the publication of this article. Learn more in our announcement, "How to Improve Your Audience Targeting in Minutes with Tunnl's New Audience Builder."