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Healthcare Audiences: How to Instantly Advertise Flu Shots to Working Moms Before Back-to-School

August 10th, 2023 | 10 min. read

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Kids account for 20-30% of flu infections annually, and school halls are incubators for the illness. It’s a serious issue, one that several states are trying to stop before children return to school this year. Flu shots are required in areas throughout the nation, giving providers like you an opportunity to connect with busy families who need convenient immunizations for their kids. 

But before back-to-school, parents are moving at an extra-fast clip to get everything on their to-do list done, leaving little time for TV or social media scrolling where they could see your ads. 

To help you reach the right people quickly and efficiently in these final days before back-to-school, Tunnl offers these five prebuilt audiences that, especially when you use our Advanced Search or Audience Builder, enable you to get your ads in front of the hard-to-reach working moms who need your flu shot services now.

  • Working Moms - Mothers with full-time employment
  • Pro Flu Shot for Children - Individuals who are planning to get the flu shot for their children
  • Pro Flu Shot for All - Individuals who are planning to get themselves and their children a flu shot
  • Pro Flu Shot for Adults - Individuals who are planning to get the flu shot for themselves
  • Anti Flu Shot - Individuals who are not planning to get the flu shot for themselves or their children

Here’s what you need to know about reaching these audiences in time to capitalize on the back-to-school buzz.


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Which States Require Flu Shots for School?

The back-to-school season is hectic, but getting kids immunized is a requirement that can’t be skipped over - at least in certain places.

States and Cities That Require Flu Immunizations for School Enrollmenta child receives a flu shot

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York City
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island

The first day of school is already mere days away. When you consider the miles-long to-do list every busy parent is trying to juggle, it’s unlikely that they have much time for leisurely media consumption. Working parents who need to knock immunizations off their list are going to be especially difficult to reach, despite their need for your services.  

But you can find out where these elusive audiences are spending their valuable media consumption time, and target your campaigns accordingly for maximum efficiency, using Tunnl’s prebuilt audiences for Working Moms and Flu Shots. 


How to Access Tunnl’s Prebuilt Audiences for Working Moms and Flu Shots



All of Tunnl's hundreds of issue-based, AI-powered prebuilt audiences with demographic and media mix insights are ready for you to access right now in Tunnl’s audience intelligence platform.

Each prebuilt audience includes detailed mapping, demographic, and media mix insights. Analyze to learn how to reach your audience where they consume media.


Tunnl Tip: Flu shot requirements vary state-to-state. Your campaigns can hone in on local audiences of working moms who need your flu shot services most. In the Tunnl platform, see local media mix insights for your flu shot and working mom audiences and how they compare to national averages, enabling you to tailor your campaigns’ media strategy to the precise media consumption behaviors of your audiences within the local geographies you’re targeting. 


Here’s a peek into what you’ll learn about our Working Moms and Flu Shot audiences in the Tunnl platform: 


Working Moms - Mothers with full-time employment

  • Who’s in this audience? Roughly two-thirds of the Working Moms audience earns more than $75,000 a year and 52% of them are single.

Pro Flu Shot for Children - Individuals who are planning to get the flu shot for their children

  • Who’s in this audience? Roughly half of this audience earns over $100,000 annually and only 45% of them have children in their household.

Pro Flu Shot for All - Individuals who are planning to get themselves and their children a flu shot

  • Who’s in this audience? The Pro Flu Shot for All audience represents over 70 million adults nationwide.

Pro Flu Shot for Adults - Individuals who are planning to get the flu shot for themselves

  • Who’s in this audience? More than 75% of this audience is over the age of 55, and about two-thirds of them are Democrats.

Anti Flu Shot - Individuals who are not planning to get the flu shot for themselves or their children

  • Who’s in this audience? The Anti Flu Shot audience represents 35 million people nationwide and 46% of them are registered as Independent.


Take your targeting a step further and use the Audience Explorer to select the geography that meets your campaign requirements. For example, if you want to reach the segment of Tunnl’s A map of where the audience population is most and least densePro Flu Shot for All audiences who reside in a state like Massachusetts that requires flu shots for K-12 students, you can select the state-level geography option before generating your audience insights. 

If you want to overlap, combine, or exclude these audiences with each other or any of our other hundreds of issue-based, prebuilt audiences, or target more precise geographies, Tunnl’s Audience Builder is your ticket to targeting your precise niche in minutes.


How to Use Tunnl’s Audience Builder to Reach Your Back-to-School Audience in Minutes



Tunnl’s Audience Builder enables more granular targeting by enabling you to hone in on your own combination of issues, interests, and geography to give your campaigns even more focused targeting. To use it, select a geography that suits the scope of your campaign and then overlap, exclude, and/or unite your own selection of Tunnl’s AI-powered audiences.

  • An overlap identifies people who are in all of the audiences and/or geographies you choose.
  • An exclusion retains people who are in your target audience or geography while removing those who are also in your excluded audience or geography.
  • A union identifies people who are in any of your target audiences or geographies.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Advanced Search to achieve precise targeting for your back-to-school healthcare campaigns.

  • Overlap Working Moms with Pro Flu Shot for Children to reach a group of busy parents in favor of flu immunizations for their kids.
  • Exclude the Anti Flu Shot audience from Working Moms to avoid targeting people opposed to flu shots.
  • Union Pro Flu Shot for All with Working Moms to target busy parents and on-the-go families who are gearing up for the sick season before school starts.

Once you’ve set the ideal parameters for your target audience, whether that’s one prebuilt audience or an amalgamation of several interest- and issue-based audiences, click “Create Audience” to get your insights in minutes and immediately send them to your ad platforms of choice to buy against directly across your entire omnichannel advertising campaign.


How to Buy Against Tunnl Data in Your Ad Platforms



Healthcare advertisers who need to reach working moms with their flu shot ads before back-to-school can quickly deliver uniform targeting across any combination of channels from digital to linear TV with Audience Activation. Audience Activation is the term we use for sending Tunnl audiences to an ad platform or demand-side platform (DSP) to buy against directly for maximum reach efficiency.

Audience Activation is simple. Here's how to do it:

  1. Find or build the back-to-school audience that aligns with your flu shot campaigns in the Tunnl platform. 
  2. Click the “Activate” button.
    A screenshot of the Tunnl audience intelligence platform shows the prebuilt Working Moms audience with the Activation button circled
  3. Complete the activation form by selecting every ad platform and DSP where you need access to the audience. 
  4. We securely send the audience data directly to those platforms so you can buy against them within 24-48 hours of activation.


Did You Know…

Many Tunnl audiences are natively available in your ad platforms and DSPs already; no activation form required. Through audience syndication partnerships with Basis, StackAdapt, Google, and more, advertisers like you can search for our interest- and issue-based audiences in your DSP’s audience library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and start targeting right away.

Activating Tunnl’s prebuilt audiences and custom Advanced Search or Audience Builder audiences provides near-instantaneous access to your potential customers. With Audience Activation, no matter how many digital ad channels you’re running ads on, your flu shot campaigns can rely on consistent issue-based audience targeting and reach your desired demographic efficiently and effectively in the places where these elusive audiences consume media. 


Get Started Reaching Your Target Audience Before the School Bell Rings

With the first day of school just around the corner, you don’t have time to waste reaching the wrong audience with your flu shot campaigns. And parents are running out of time to get their kids immunized. 

Now is your last chance to reach busy working moms with a lot to do at the last minute. 

Deliver convenient reminders to your potential customers by targeting them in the few places they are still consuming media in the back-to-school season. Find out where those places are and start optimizing your campaign targeting with Tunnl’s audience intelligence platform and our full suite of healthcare audiences on issues including flu shots, Medicaid expansion, drug costs, and more.