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Actionable Ways to Increase Ad Reach Using Tunnl's TV Viewership Audiences

September 2nd, 2022 | 5 min. read

Amanda Peterson Beadle

Amanda joined Tunnl in April 2022 and currently serves as the VP, Audiences & Analytics.

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Do you know where your target market consumes their TV media? If not, how can you guarantee your TV advertising is effective — and not wasting your valuable resources? 

This is the question on every advertiser’s mind as the cord-cutting trend increases. As reported by Nielsen, for the first time ever, streaming has overtaken cable and broadcast as the most popular way Americans consume TV

As the media landscape becomes more and more fragmented, it’s critical that TV advertisers inform their outreach strategies with where their target audiences actually consume media: linear TV, streaming, or a combination of both.

That’s where Tunnl’s prebuilt TV viewership audiences come into play. We’ve created four prebuilt audiences based on media consumption behaviors across channels, so advertisers can see how their target markets consume TV media across the entire media landscape:

  • Mega Consumers: High linear TV consumers + high streamers
  • Traditionalists: High linear TV consumers + low streamers
  • Early Adopters: High streamers + low linear TV consumers
  • Elusive Consumers: Low streamers + low linear TV consumers

When you know where and how your target market watches TV, you can more effectively target your advertising to reach consumers on the channels they are most likely to see and engage with it.

In this article, we’ll explore a few actionable ways you can use Tunnl’s four TV viewership audiences in your own marketing to increase ad viewership across channels. 

Let’s get started.

Overlap TV Viewership Audiences with Tunnl's Purpose-Driven Data

The rise of purpose-driven marketing, or putting your organization’s values at the forefront of your messaging, shows no signs of stopping. The importance of communicating your company or campaign’s core values is more than a trend; it’s a standard consumer expectation.

You can access incredible insights on your target market’s values and opinions on certain issues through Tunnl audiences. Our prebuilt audiences group people together based on how they feel about today’s most pressing issues. Now, with the TV viewership audiences, we also provide groups based on how people consume their media. 

Layer Tunnl's TV Viewership Audiences with Prebuilt Tunnl Audiences

We’ve built over 300 audiences covering today’s most top-of-mind issues and niche markets that offer a full story of your consumer, so you can more easily engage and align with them via the topics that matter most.

You can further target your ideal consumers by combining their values-based insights with their TV viewership patterns. 

By overlapping what matters most to your audience with where they’re consuming their TV media, you supercharge your advertising to hit on the topics that your consumers want to hear about on the channels where they’re most likely to engage.

Overlapping your Tunnl audiences is easy. To learn how, check out the following article that clearly explains how to use the Tunnl platform to slice, dice, and layer multiple Tunnl audiences. 

The result? A fresh, new audience unique to your consumers that helps to inform your outreach strategy.

Layer Tunnl's TV Viewership Audiences with Custom Audiences Built for You

You may have an extra-niche audience and specific region that you need insights on. No problem.

Tunnl offers custom audience subscriptions for our clients who need a tailored solution to stay connected with niche audiences as their feelings and preferences evolve.

If you have a custom audience, you already have one-of-a-kind insights into what matters to them and where they land on important issues. Now, you can further inform your outreach strategy by layering that custom audience with Tunnl's TV viewership audiences. Doing so gives you unparalleled insights into who cares about your message and is most likely to act on it, as well as where to reach them in the increasingly fragmented TV landscape. 

Overlap TV Viewership Audiences with Your Existing Data

You may already have your own audience data outside of Tunnl. Whether that’s first- or third-party data, you can still layer with Tunnl’s TV viewership audiences to optimize your advertising efforts to reach your core market across screens.

The following ideas will help you use your own data with Tunnl’s TV viewership audiences to reach both streamers and linear TV consumers, respectively.

Overlap with Early Adopters & Elusive Consumers to Reach Low Linear TV Consumers

Tunnl built and offers two TV viewership audiences that focus on people who watch very little, if any linear TV: 

  • Early Adopters: High Streamers + Low Linear TV Consumers
  • Elusive Consumers: Low Streamers + Low Linear TV Consumers

When you combine either of these audiences with your own first- or third-party audiences, you gain clarity on who in your core market is currently undersaturated with messaging — and who can be better reached through CTV or more traditional outreach methods.

To improve the likelihood of your message reaching streamers and/or people who do not consume much TV at all, overlap the Early Adopters and Elusive Consumers audiences with your data in your DSP(s) and social platforms. Doing so will leverage the most scalable inventory to reach the people who are not likely to see your messaging on linear TV. 

You can also inform your traditional outreach strategy by overlapping these audiences with your own data. The results will show you who to send text messages and mailers to, because while these individuals don’t consume much linear TV, they still have cell phones and addresses.

Overlap with Traditionalists & Mega Consumers to Reach High Linear TV Consumers

On the other hand, there are millions of people who watch a lot of linear TV programming, and they are by far the easiest to reach. Again for ease of reference, the high linear TV audiences are . . .

  • Mega Consumers: High Linear TV consumers + High Streamers
  • Traditionalists: High Linear TV consumers + Low Streamers

Advertisers can easily overlap their first- or third-party data with the Mega Consumers and Traditionalists audiences to better inform their TV ad placement strategy.

What if my advertising strategy isn't budgeted for linear TV?

Linear TV advertising can be expensive. But you may still want to reach these audiences even in the absence of a dedicated TV advertising budget. 

Good news: you can.

Overlap the Mega Consumers and Traditionalists audiences with your own data to reach them traditionally as well as you can digitally. By segmenting the people your campaign wants to reach with these two linear TV–viewership audiences, you can:

  • Quantify the number of people your messaging is not reaching by not buying into linear TV
  • Isolate those people for dedicated, traditional outreach methods and increased frequency on more affordable channels

Get Started with Tunnl's TV Viewership Audiences

The media landscape will continue to fragment, with millions choosing to cut the cable cord, keep their traditional TV habits, or consume media on both traditional and streaming channels.

Tunnl's TV viewership audiences help make sure your advertising can reach and connect with all of them.

By leveraging the Mega Consumers, Traditionalists, Early Adopters, and Elusive Consumers audiences, you can better inform your outreach strategy to reach your core market where they are most likely to see your message. 

These audiences are available for activation in your campaigns now in the Tunnl platform. 

Want to learn more about Tunnl's TV viewership audiences, including their respective demographic datasets, how to leverage them in individual campaigns, and more? Download our free white paper “How to Use Tunnl Audiences to Reach Linear & Streaming TV Consumers.”