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4 Can't-Miss Tunnl Audiences for Nonprofits

August 16th, 2022 | 4 min. read

Amanda Peterson Beadle

Amanda joined Tunnl in April 2022 and currently serves as the Senior Director of Customer Success.

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Supporters’ donations are the lifeblood of nonprofits. That’s why it’s critical for nonprofits to know how to reach and engage their supporters to encourage donations. 

Increasingly, traditional mechanisms for reaching nonprofit donors are no longer sufficient. Today’s donors expect personalized messaging experiences that meet them where they are.

One of the best ways to maximize your outreach is to leverage audience insights. With Tunnl audiences, you get the vital information you need to establish your organization as one that’s in touch with your target donors’ and advocates’ personal values – and subsequently accelerate your nonprofit’s overall impact.

To get you started, we’ve identified the can't-miss Tunnl audiences for nonprofits to leverage to reach high-lifetime-value donors and advocates

With these audiences, you can better inform your outreach strategies with hyper-relevant, human insights that foster lasting connections with your target donors and dependable, repeat donations.

Can't-Miss Audience #1: Likely Donor to Charity

Let’s start with the most obvious choice that nonprofits can’t miss: our Likely Donor to Charity audience. As its name suggests, this audience is made up of people who are likely to donate to charitable organizations.

Evenly split between male and female individuals with voting patterns on both sides of the aisle, this audience has a history of donating to causes over a long period of time, making them an ideal, high-lifetime-value group to engage with your advertising. 

With the insights provided in this Tunnl audience, including their media consumption patterns, you can inform your messaging and ad placement to better nurture these individuals into longtime donors and advocates for your cause.

Access Tunnl's Likely Donor to Charity Audience

Can't-Miss Audience #2: Pro Corporate Climate Action

Climate change is an issue that’s only increasing in urgency, according to the majority of Americans. 

In fact, the number of supporters for taking action against climate change is rising, with the largest percentage (70%) demanding corporations do most of the work to address climate change.

“A very large portion of the population believes that climate change is not only happening, but that it’s human behavior that’s exacerbating it,” says Adam McInturff, Tunnl’s Senior Manager of Business Development. “The pressure is on corporations to do more.”

Tunnl calls its audience that helps advertisers reach people who want corporations to take action on climate change Pro Corporate Climate Action. This audience supports corporations taking action to alter their impact on climate change, including changing business practices to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

This audience is also more open to taking action to support the cause, including donating and taking on advocacy work.

“These are people who are passionate about corporate climate action,” shares Adam. “Because they’re so willing to take action, they’re a great audience for environmental nonprofits to target when building their advertising strategy.”

Access Tunnl's Pro Corporate Climate Action Audience

Can't-Miss Audience #3: Animal Welfare Donors

We’ve all seen the heart-wrenching commercials asking for donations to help animals in need. But while most people are touched by these messages, there are a select few who are likely to act and become lifetime donors.

These people are part of a segment of the population that wants to do their part to improve the lives of animals and who have a pattern of donating to animal welfare causes. Nonprofits that want to reach these people to generate longtime funding and volunteers within their organization can leverage the insights found in Tunnl’s Animal Welfare Donors audience.

“If your organization wants to communicate about its efforts, raise funding, and improve the lives of animals in need, this is the audience that will be most receptive to your messaging,” advises Adam.

Access Tunnl's Animal Welfare Donors AudienceCan't-Miss Audience #4: Cord Cutters

Some portions of the population are extra hard to reach. Namely, people who have “cut the cord” between themselves and traditional broadcast and cable networks, and who only subscribe to streaming services.

Nonprofit organizations that want to increase their donations need to address this critical audience. But how can they reach such an elusive demographic?

The answer can be found in Tunnl’s Cord Cutters audience, made up of individuals who are highly likely to have ended their broadcast and cable services. This audience leans younger and covers the entire political spectrum.

“This is a target-rich audience for CTV ads,” Adam says. “Nonprofits benefit from younger donors who will continue to donate over the years. This is the perfect audience for organizations to target with their messaging.”

Access Tunnl's Cord Cutters Audience

What If These Audiences Aren't the Right Fit for My Nonprofit?

Working with a nonprofit organization but in need of a different audience than those listed in this article? We have more options for you. 

Peruse the rest of Tunnl’s prebuilt audiences

Tunnl has a library of hundreds of prebuilt audiences centered around niche groups and top-of-mind issues, including various potential donor audiences. Explore our prebuilt audience library to see if your perfect audience is already available and ready for activation in your campaign.

Explore Tunnl's Prebuilt Audience Library

If your ideal audience isn't listed here or in our prebuilt library...

Sometimes advertisers have an extra-niche group they need to reach. If you find that Tunnl doesn’t have your ideal audience readily available, we can create a custom audience for you. 

Learn more about our custom audience solution and if it’s the right choice for your retail brand.

Learn More About Custom Audiences