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Tunnl's blog is full of insights into how you can reach your ideal audience via your public affairs, issue advocacy, purpose-driven marketing, and cause marketing campaigns across any mix of media channels.

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By: Adam McInturff
April 14th, 2023

You know that song you hear everywhere? It’s on the radio during your commute. Your friends are humming it when you’re out to dinner. It’s the new it-song on social media. It’s an inescapable earworm that’s suddenly stuck in your head and all you can think about. After a while, you know every word, and you’re singing along. That sensation is possible with your political and issue advocacy messages, too - if you can get the right people buzzing about it. Tunnl and Applecart, two leading audience intelligence platforms connecting you to the nation’s most influential audiences, have mastered the art of making your message top of mind for voters, consumers, and decision-makers. But which solution is the best option for your targeted legislative campaigns? Both tools have their perks, but they take very different approaches to audience identification and influence. Tunnl isn’t for everyone, nor is Applecart, and you deserve all the details to make an informed decision aligned with your unique campaign needs. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of both audience intelligence tools so you can pick the approach for you.