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How Tunnl Audiences Help Nonprofits: 4 Biggest Benefits

July 1st, 2022 | 5 min. read

Teddy Kamody

Teddy joined Tunnl in January of 2020 and is currently the Senior Director of Account Management for Agencies.

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One of the biggest challenges facing marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations today, especially those operating on smaller marketing budgets, is how to maximize their impact and reach audiences across demographics. Social issues and political advocacy are more pronounced than ever, so it’s vital for nonprofits to make the most of their outreach efforts now.

Fortunately, there is a way for nonprofits to maximize their marketing budgets and take the guesswork out of their fundraising strategies.

Leveraging the Tunnl platform’s monthly, national, large-sample survey intelligence and proprietary data amassed over 20 years, nonprofits can forge deep, lasting connections with the donors and advocates most likely to engage with their cause.

In this article, we’ll explore the biggest goals nonprofits can reach using Tunnl’s purpose-driven audiences. By the end, you’ll understand how to use Tunnl audiences to make the most of your marketing budget and empower your nonprofit with more high-lifetime-value donors and advocates across demographics.

Let’s dive in.

Easily Find, Understand & Acquire Donors with Greater Lifetime Value

Whether your organization is a social enterprise or a traditional nonprofit, you can use Tunnl to discover and understand your ideal audience, or those most likely to engage with your organization and become a donor. The granularity of Tunnl’s audiences, built using 20 years’ worth of proprietary data and regularly refreshed national surveys, makes it easy to find the people who care about your nonprofit’s mission. 

Once we’ve helped you find your ideal audience, you have access to advanced insights into their interests and opinions so that you can quickly and easily understand:

  • Where they land on any issue (e.g. climate change, Second Amendment rights, etc.)
  • How to communicate with them to influence them to action
  • Where to communicate with them so they will see and engage with your message

“Rather than make assumptions, Tunnl’s data allows your nonprofit to understand who your donor is at the beginning of your acquisition program,” advises Heather Philpot, Tunnl’s Vice President of Business Development. “Tunnl's modeling methodologies allow nonprofits and advocacy organizations to understand a 360-degree view about the real, addressable individuals out there who are open to your message.”

potential education donor

Instead of risking valuable marketing resources hoping you’re reaching the right people who will care about your nonprofit’s mission, with Tunnl’s purpose-driven audiences, you’ll maximize your marketing resources knowing you’re reaching the right people.

And the people you target with Tunnl audiences aren’t just “one and done” type donors. Instead, you make the most of your budget and ensure your nonprofit’s legacy by reaching donors with a high lifetime value

  • Target individuals who are most likely to commit to recurring donations or donate repeatedly over time
  • Build deep, lasting relationships and loyalty with donors using individual-level insights


Improve Your Nonprofit's Advocacy Efforts

One of the most exciting ways that the Tunnl platform helps nonprofits is its ability to help you engage with advocates who share your values and connect with your mission. Tunnl can create a custom targeted advocacy audience based on these individuals backed by our large-sample, nationwide surveys and 100-billion-point data infrastructure.

“We can build a custom audience made up of people with a propensity to act on issues for advocacy campaigns,” says Philpot. “So whether they’re likely to write on your behalf to editors or their members of Congress, encourage people to sign petitions, or volunteer, Tunnl serves you the individuals who are most likely to take action on your behalf.” 

Using their voice, reach, and influence, these advocates can become key donors, but also powerful tools that spread awareness and encourage action about your cause within their targeted networks.


Keep Up with Public Sentiment as New Issues Arise

Many nonprofit organizations, especially those in the political realm, need to adjust fundraising goals quickly as important issues arise. As we know in today’s society, new issues of dire importance develop every day.

That’s why it’s paramount that nonprofits can access and leverage fresh, conclusive data at a moment’s notice. With it, you can target donors effectively and promote immediate action. 

Tunnl’s data refreshes at a rate that can keep up with current events, equipping nonprofits with the insights they need to make the right decisions at the right time.

“Tunnl is uniquely able to get our data into the right hands very quickly,” says Philpot. “We work at a rapid pace that’s rare within the industry to push data to our customers when they need it.”


Engage & Attract Younger Age Groups

It’s known that nonprofits can reach older demographics through direct mail. However, to ensure your nonprofit’s legacy and get more donations, it’s critical to reach younger, more digitally inclined generations, as well. 

Tunnl audiences include media consumption patterns that offer unparalleled insights not only into linear TV viewership, but also into the streaming and social media habits that set younger generations apart. With this intelligence, you can build an effective messaging strategy that reaches younger individuals where they are most likely to engage.


Overall streaming media


With today’s increasing amount of cord-cutters, being able to reach streamers grows more important by the day.

“Tunnl tells you your target audience’s TV viewership patterns as well as where they are living online,” Philpot continues. “If they’re streamers, what streaming platforms are they using? If they watch linear TV, what channels are they watching? If they’re on social, which platforms are they engaging on? With this backend intelligence, you can reach your audience where they’re consuming content.”


Start Accelerating Your Donor & Issue Advocacy Outreach Now 

Too often, nonprofits suffer from wasted resources, “one-and-done” donations, low engagement, and disappointing outreach efforts. Without granular, data-backed audiences, it’s hard to avoid these pitfalls. 

With Tunnl’s purpose-driven audiences, nonprofits can reach and form lasting connections with high-value donors and advocates who are most likely to engage with your cause, especially when donations are needed most.

Want to learn more about Tunnl audiences? Explore our Prebuilt Audience Suite, featuring hundreds of cause- and issue-based audiences.



Or learn more about Tunnl's custom audiences, the ultimate targeting solution for building better connections with your target constituents.