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How to Reach the Exclusive People Who Influence U.S. Policy

June 30th, 2022 | 5 min. read

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Updated April 6, 2023

If you work in industries heavily impacted by public opinion and policy, you know how important it is to get your message in front of the right people in power who can actually do something about it. Unfortunately, this can seem impossible.

We understand the importance of connecting with people of the highest influence in Washington, D.C., and beyond. Engaging with these power players not only ensures your message is heard in America’s capital but also that it is acted upon. 

That’s why we built our premium U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience to help advertisers get their campaigns in front of the right people of influence to impact real change in policy and public perception.

So, what is Tunnl's U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience and how can it help you?

In this article, we’ll answer this question so that by the end of this article, you’ll understand how Tunnl's demographic and media consumption insights into this exclusive audience help advertisers engage with the nation’s most powerful policy influencers. 


What Is Tunnl’s U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Audience?

Whether you are trying to run a successful campaign for a ballot initiative or increase awareness of your nonprofit's mission, at the end of the day you need to influence public opinion. What if you could influence the nation’s most powerful policymakers capable of using their authority to spread your message further across the country?

You can with Tunnl’s U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience. 

Our data scientists have created a targeted group of over 1.2 million individuals at the highest echelons of influence in Washington, DC, and across the country. People in this split-partisanship audience include political and business leaders in places such as Congress, the Executive Branch, the news media, lobbying and law firms, and more combined with the nation’s most politically active individuals.

These are the men and women who set the national agenda and have their fingers on the pulse of current events in America.

Why was the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience made?

Reach the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers AudienceBrands all over the country are competing for people’s attention so they can influence change and perception. After all, today’s buyers care more than ever about the values upheld and issues backed by the brands with which they engage.

We recognized that influencing policy leaders in DC and across the country is of critical importance to many advertising campaigns. So, we built this solution for advertisers looking to impact people at the highest echelon of influence.

How was the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience made?

Tunnl’s team of data scientists developed this premium audience both by hand and through algorithmic matching of business intelligence with our proprietary 100-billion-point data infrastructure. This layered approach allowed us to profile the audience and identify an optimal media mix.

This means that when you activate your message against the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience, you’re more likely to reach the people proven to have the influence necessary to positively impact your campaign.

And through our integrated partnerships, advertisers can target U.S. Policy Opinion Makers virtually anywhere that addressable targeting is possible, including advanced TV ads.

How Can You Use the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Audience?

While there are many different scenarios in which the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience can be applied, the two most common use cases are:

Below, we highlight how each scenario can benefit from the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience.

Targeting the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Audience

Say you are a trade association that represents the automotive industry. You have a heavy interest in getting Congress to pass the latest version of the Infrastructure Bill. How do you communicate the benefits of the bill for your industry to the right influencers and decision-makers in DC and beyond?

This scenario is a perfect opportunity to target your message using Tunnl’s U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience. With it, you help to ensure your message reaches and impacts the who’s who of American political influence.

Talk to Sales About the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Audience

Using Linear Optimization and Media Measurement with the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Audience

Now, let’s say you are an environmental group running ad flights about the destructive consequences of climate change. Your goal is to get the federal government to change environmental regulations.

How do you know if the right people are seeing your ads? How are they being impacted?

These are questions that Tunnl’s U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience can help you answer. The audience data itself, in combination with linear optimization, can help you feel confident that you’re placing your ad flight in the most optimal places possible to reach the exact people you want to engage. 


Get Regularly Updated Insights Into What the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Are Thinking

You need to stay ahead of constantly shifting public opinion and policy. That’s why we offer not only our U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience, but The State of the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers, a free report refreshed quarterly that highlights the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers’ perspective on the most important issues of the day and their overall outlook on the current direction of the country.

Get Your Free State of the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers ReportThis easily consumable report provides the insights you need to understand what the most influential decision-makers in DC and across the country are thinking about these four indicators:

  • Finance
  • Stability
  • Policy
  • Politics

If you want to learn more about the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience before using it in your own outreach strategy, this report is a great place to start.

Start Influencing Washington, DC's Opinion Makers

Public opinion and policy are changing constantly. Should you want to influence real change in these sectors, it’s vital that your messaging strategy includes audience insights that help you reach the right people of influence, safeguarding against wasting your advertising dollars reaching the wrong people.

Tunnl’s U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience is that safeguard.

The U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience can be activated on any medium that supports addressable targeting. To begin reaching the people who can move your message forward, talk to sales about the premium U.S. Policy Opinion Makers audience today.

Talk to Sales About the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Audience


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