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The State of the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers︱Q2 2024

Learn how the exclusive people who influence U.S. policy feel about the direction of the nation in this in-depth report.

10 min. read


A Year in Tunnl Data 2023

Discover what Americans cared about and what advertisers prioritized in 2023 with this journey through the audiences and insights that defined ...

5 min. read


Introducing Tunnl’s Premier Audience Suite: Reach the Nation’s Top Opinion Makers

Reach top U.S. policy, healthcare, finance, and technology influencers with the audience intelligence solutions in Tunnl's Premier Audience ...

4 min. read


How Tunnl's Audience Intelligence Platform Fits Into Your Budget

Need to get buy-in from internal decision-makers for Tunnl's audience intelligence platform? Use these unbeatable talking points we designed just for ...

6 min. read


How To Choose the Right Audience Intelligence Platform for Issue-Based and Purpose-Driven Campaigns

Your reputation and budget are at risk without an audience intelligence platform for issue-based campaigns. The right platform will have features ...

7 min. read