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Meet Brent Seaborn, Tunnl's Co-Founder and Chief Data Science Officer

President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush at Republican National Convention in 2004

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Brent Seaborn is a data scientist and microtargeting pioneer who has innovated survey research methods, revolutionized data analysis, and modernized data application across television, digital media, and direct contact campaigns for various presidential candidates and purpose-driven organizations like those pictured on this page. 

Brent has been a pillar of data integrity and microtargeting advancement at Tunnl since he co-founded the company in 2021. He provides illuminating insights on the data uncovered through Tunnl’s audience-building process and advises on improvements to Tunnl’s audience intelligence tools to streamline data application for advertisers seeking meaningful, impactful communication with their targets.

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Image source: "2004 political conventions explain Trump, Obama, Clinton and 2016," USA Today, 2016.

President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush at Republican National Convention in 2004

Between 2004 and 2016, Brent lent his data analytics expertise to numerous presidential campaigns. His experiences along the campaign trail and deep entrenchment in the data analytics world informed entrepreneurial ventures serving every facet of the political, public affairs, and brand advertising sectors. Brent is a go-to resource for insights on the past, present, and future of microtargeting, his thoughts on which have been featured in DigiDay and The New York Times. 

Brent is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a degree in political science as well as George Washington University, where he received his master’s degree in political management. Brent currently calls Appleton, Wisconsin home, where he enjoys baseball, hiking, and camping, as well as traveling with his wife and two kids.

The best place to keep up with Brent's latest innovations is through the Tunnl Platform, where his expertise constantly influences new features, functionalities, and audiences.