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Tunnl's Learning Center is your source for the latest insights into how to reach your ideal advertising audience with your public affairs, issue advocacy, purpose-driven marketing, and cause marketing campaigns across any mix of media channels.

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The Ultimate Guide to Tunnl Free: Everything You Need To Know Before Signing Up

Are the hundreds of free prebuilt audiences in Tunnl Free right for you? Delve into free audience counts, demographics, and media consumption data.

8 min. read


The State of the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers︱Q1 2023

Learn how the elite people who influence U.S. policy feel about the direction of the nation in this in-depth report

10 min. read


2022 Tunnl Wrapped

Discover this year's most loved audiences, zeitgeist-y insights, and record-breaking stats.

5 min. read


What Is Data Integrity? 3 Components to Look for In Audience Data

If the audience you’re leveraging doesn’t have data integrity, it is not going to help you make an impact and ...

6 min. read


What's the Difference Between Facebook & Tunnl Audiences?

Explore Facebook audiences, Tunnl audiences, and the main differences between them so that you can make an educated decision ...

6 min. read


5 Can't-Miss Features in Tunnl's Free Audiences Portal

Discover the top ways you can start getting the most out of the audiences portal now, whether you have a paid or free Tunnl platform ...

6 min. read