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Linear Optimization

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of TV advertising spends with Linear Optimization

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Linear Optimization for Maximum Efficiency

Without having access to data-driven audience insights, you would think that buying an ad spot during the ABC World News program, compared to the NBC Nightly News, would be a smarter targeted advertising buy.

Actually, if you are targeting the Influentials audience, it is the opposite.

We flush out this example here.

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Rating graph of Tunnl linear optimization
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A Record of Success with Linear Optimization

In 2013, Tunnl’s founders pioneered linear media optimization technology. Since then, more than $2 Billion has been spent on Linear TV advertising using our Media Optimization product. Our Media Optimization is all about making your linear TV ads more efficient. Using our Media Optimization product, we’ve helped clients gain $500 Million in additional ad value - a 25% lift.

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Tunnl linear optimization search tool

The Plan

Powering Brand, Purpose-Driven, and Issue Advocacy Efforts

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Tunnl linear optimization tool worksheet report

Frequently Asked Questions

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Optimize Your Linear TV Advertising Today

No one wants to waste money targeting tv ads to people that are not meant to see them. Increase your efficiency and deliver more ads to your target audience by optimizing your linear tv buys today.