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Meet Corey Mull, Tunnl's Chief Technology Officer

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Corey Mull is a mathematician, statistician, and programmer specializing in the technical elements powering targeted marketing and advertising.

Corey began his Tunnl tenure as the Vice President of Data Science in 2019. After years of helping to elevate the mathematical sophistication of Tunnl’s audience intelligence platform, Corey accepted the Chief Technology Officer role in 2021. He is instrumental in coordinating improvements to Tunnl’s technology, facilitating advancements in our data modeling process, and embracing a culture of experimental thinking that cultivates a free-flowing pipeline of new product initiatives.  

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U.S. Capitol and surrounding neighborhood; Washington, D.C.

Corey has developed a keen sense for troubleshooting problems and efficiently identifying solutions to the novel problems facing agencies and advertisers in the ever-fragmenting world of audience targeting. His deep understanding of Tunnl's customers and their needs is rooted in his prior work in the public relations space for companies like Corporate Executive Board, where he contributed to pioneering case studies in the purpose-driven marketing world that redefined how major brands built customer loyalty.

Corey currently resides in Washington, D.C., where he enjoys attending minor league baseball games with his growing family, playing basketball, and experimenting with new seasonal recipes. You can also find him juggling a few side projects that combine his love for sports with his knack for math, stats, and the patterns hidden in historical data.

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U.S. Capitol and surrounding neighborhood; Washington, D.C.