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Meet Alex Lundry, Tunnl's Co-Founder

Alex Lundry speaking

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Alex Lundry is a political data scientist, microtargeter, data miner and visualizer, and pollster who has worked for various American presidential candidates, Fortune 50 companies, and national organizations. 

Alex co-founded Tunnl in 2020, where he advises on product, sales, and data security. Hailed as “one of the most methodologically sophisticated opinion researchers” in The Victory Lab, Alex is regarded as one of the country’s leading experts on media and voter analytics, electoral targeting, and political data mining. His prior experience conducting surveys and focus groups to develop data roadmaps is a natural extension of Tunnl’s mission to provide deep, human insights for strategists and media buyers maximizing their ad targeting efforts.

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Image source: "Political pollster to professor: How a McCourt alum is paying it forward," "Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy Alumni News," 2022.

Alex Lundry speaking
Alex Lundry, voice of data

In 2012 and 2016, Alex ran data analytics for Mitt Romney’s and Jeb Bush’s presidential campaigns, respectively. His political data visualizations and infographics have been featured in WIRED, Fast Company, and The Washington Post. He has served as an adjunct instructor of statistics at both Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University, and was included in Campaigns and Elections Magazine’s Top 50 Influencers in Politics.

Alex is a graduate of Swarthmore College with a degree in political science, as well as Georgetown University, where he received his master’s degree in public policy. He currently lives in Washington, DC, with his wife and four children.

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Image source: "Alex Lundry: Being the Voice of Data," "Fly on the Wall: a Georgetown University Politics Podcast," 2022.

Alex Lundry, voice of data