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Get Started with Tunnl

You're an advertiser or media buyer who needs to reach people based on how they feel about current issues in America. Tunnl is the audience insights platform that has your answers. Get started with Tunnl and start reaching your ideal audiences.

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Identify, Connect, Influence

How to Get Started with Tunnl

Whether you want to dive in right away with a free Tunnl platform account or get started with a custom Tunnl platform demo, we have an option for you.


Have questions about Tunnl's prebuilt audiences and accompanying Tunnl Platform? We have answers.

What can I expect to find in my free Tunnl platform account?

Are Tunnl's prebuilt audiences actually free?

I already have an agency. Can I still use Tunnl's prebuilt audiences?

I already know that I need a custom audience. How do I go about getting one of those?