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How to Access Tunnl's Prebuilt Audiences & Insights

Reach the right people where they consume media when you use Tunnl's free, prebuilt audiences and insights. 

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Prebuilt audience on phone- Gig Economy Workers

What is a prebuilt audience?

Tunnl's 400+ prebuilt audiences provide instant demographic and media insights into groups of people based on how they feel about today's most pressing issues.

Advertisers who leverage Tunnl's prebuilt audience insights are more likely to connect authentically with the people who care about their message and influence them to act.

These are the insights that are included in each of Tunnl's prebuilt audiences:

  • Counts and Geography
  • Linear TV and Streaming Breakdown
  • Media Consumption Indices and Share of Media Consumption Charts for All Media, Social Media, and Streaming Media 
  • Key Demographic Data including Age, Race, and Income

Empower your media buys with Tunnl's prebuilt audience insights and reach the right people.

Get Your Insights Now

Prebuilt audience on phone- Gig Economy Workers
Get your insights now

Access All 400+ Prebuilt Audiences & Insights in the Tunnl Platform

All of Tunnl's 400+ prebuilt audiences and their insights are ready for you to use for free, right now, in the Tunnl platform. Follow these steps.


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