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Explore our resources library to find weekly blog articles, reports, and white papers about the latest insights into how to reach your audience with your public affairs, issue advocacy, purpose-driven marketing, and cause marketing campaigns across any mix of media.

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Audience-Based Media Buying Terminology You Need to Know

Ad audience tools come with a lot of jargon. Brush up on advertising terminology you need to know when working with Tunnl.

18 min. read


What to Expect from a Tunnl Demo and How to Make the Most of It

Get the most from your demo of Tunnl's audience intelligence platform with these tips.

6 min. read


What–and How Long–Does it Take to Build a Custom Audience with Tunnl?

Considering a custom audience for your extra-niche issue or geography? Find out what–and how long–it takes to build one with Tunnl.

7 min. read


Top Data Security Issues for Advertisers and How to Avoid Them

Is your audience data secure? Don’t sign on with a third-party audience provider without asking these tough questions about their data integrity.

9 min. read


Which Tunnl Platform Tier is Best for TV Advertisers?: Tunnl Plus vs. Tunnl Premium

Ready to maximize your TV ad efficiency? Get the TV viewership data your campaigns need with Tunnl Plus or Tunnl Premium. These are their key ...

8 min. read


Announcing Tunnl's New Audience Intelligence Platform

Tunnl's new audience intelligence platform makes finding the right audience easy for advertisers and agencies planning or placing issue, cause, ...

3 min. read